Game Guide

Sentence Potpourri is our name for the following game. Each person writes one sentence pertaining to or inspired by a topic or word agreed upon beforehand. The sentences are then blindly arranged upside down in a random order, and turned over. The result is then read aloud as though it were a coherent story. The ones published here are the ones that actually made some sense.

Story Go Round is our name for the following game (the classic version is called 'Exquisite Corpse'). Each person has a set amount of time - one minute, two minutes, etc - to write the next part of a story. The topic is sometimes set beforehand, and sometimes not set at all. Everyone starts a story, and at the end of each round thereafter the stories are passed around, so that each person picks up a story that someone else has just written part of. Sometimes we go around twice, occasionally three times.

Frankenstory is our name for a version of Story Go Round, in which the lines are written out of order. The first person writes a title, the second person writes the last line, and from there on anyone may write any line in any order, until all the lines are accounted for.

Polyverse is our name for the following game. The group agrees on a sentence length, then each person makes up a sentence of that length and writes the words vertically, one word per line. We pass our sentences to an adjacent person, and then have to write a poem using the words from the sentence as either the first or last word (as the group decides) of each line of the poem. Alternatively, we make the sentence one word at a time as a group, and everyone uses that same sentence to write a poem in the manner just described.