Sentence Potpourri 09/21/2001, round 1

I'm looking for the Indian equivalent - how do you say 'cheese whiz' in Hindi?
It looks like pus, but it slips right into my handbag. See: in, out, in. It's easy for a person on the go.
Seeing tell-tale yellow-orange smears around her mouth, the tour guide's eyes screamed 'blasphemy' while his heart swelled with local pride for this beloved 'Wonder of the World'.
Grabbing the can from him, she hurried inside the majestic structure before he could object.
Goodness, is that Auntie or the Dome? She better watch it with the cheese whiz, I don't care what she saves.
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that bringing pasteurized processed cheese food product into the Taj Mahal is a crime worthy of hanging.
Open mouth - finger down - instant snack.
And as if that weren't bad enough, laying there in a puddle of moldy cheez whiz, the remnants of the chicken marsala she'd eaten earlier decided to revolt.

Amber is purple; John is pink; Gregory is green; Alan is blue; Terry is orange