Sentence Potpourri 02/01/2002, round 1

Hotshot CEOs and the Pyramids

And that explained why Lee Iacoca had his new office building face true north.

"I never said I wanted to visit dumb old Egypt," his new wife pouted, casting a parting glance at the comfort of the Lear.

Khufu, Egypt's highest paid CEO - the head of Egycorp and the Nation's dominant religion, said today he planned to build a three sided structure of epic proportions to house the new Egycorp-Tunisicorp merger.

"And get rid of this big thing," Greg said to the Egyptian realtor with a careless wave of his hand, "I need room to 4x4 - hold on, I'm getting a call..."

Joss Noseworthy's new camel was top of the line - leather exterior, 4 humps, a 16 valve heart, and a special vanity ass-plate that read: My other camel is a cigarette.

With the mummy's curse rapidly coming to fruition, Steve Jobs put the finishing touches on the new iOfRaMac.

It was only after mummies were discovered with day planners that Professor Greenberg saw the question of hotshot CEOs in ancient Egypt took a decisive direction.

Bill surveyed the site for the latest architectural edition to his software empire.

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange