Sentence Potpourri 02/01/2002, round 2

Lard and First Ladies

It took 90 cans of lard to make sure Mrs. Bush shot out of the cannon, but the orphans were grateful.

Only after the primaries were over did Mrs. Eisenhower at last convince Dwight that lard was not the best hair gel.

Before Britney Spears became the First Lady in 2008 she made a killing off of her supermaxemegabilliondollarsellingplatinum 'Lard Lover.'

Another thing, rarely mentioned, was Elanors favorite vice, raiding the official white house larder.

As it turns out, it wasn't until the next day, when she stopped at Donut Queen for some apple fritters, that Jacqueline noticed the vat of unmistakeably sticky white glop.

The first lady in the White House was George's mom who arrived early to make him his favorite meal of lupis & lard.

The Senate was shocked to hear of the secret stash, and pundits foretold "Lardgate," but impeachment was out of the question.

Boris the flounder stared up at Hillary from atop a bed of pilaf, until she slathered the butter over him.

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange