Sentence Potpourri 02/01/2002, round 3

Outlaws and Whales

Jesse, who's Reward Poster read - Wanted/The Whale-Wrangler Kid/[photo]/$1, now had to avoid all human settlements till the whole thing blew over once and for all.

They rounded up some of the stray calves, knowing that their mothers had migrated south.

With Billy the Kid behind bars, life on the Bar Nun Ranch was starting to return to normal, so Jake led the orcas out to pasture.

After three seasons of blisters on the knobby part of their butt, Dirk and his friends found herding steer 10 times better sitting on soft cushions of whale blubber.

"That whale jerky sure tastes good," Lefty grunted, hoping for another piece.

"I had a whale of a good time" played in the background. It was Stanley Stirrups favorite and he played it everytime he got a quarter (or however much juke boxes cost back in the Saloon days).

All of which just goes to show that, for a whale of a good time, you just don't need your six-shooter.

Jeb stayed on the whale five seconds, the crowd cheering, one hand held high - then it went under water.

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange