Sentence Potpourri 02/08/2002

Worms and Puppy Love

They met over a fish hook - she pricked her finger, and he bandaged it - and later, their kids could see the worm that led to their existence, framed over the mantle.

How embarrassing, they thought, after 30 minutes of disentangling themselves from each other, to get so wrapped up in each other at this age.

I just about fell out of my swivel chair every time Magdalena dug her sweet manicured hand into the bait bucket for a nightcrawler; far as I was concerned any girl could knit and fish and look like that in flannel was the one for me.

Debra walked around with the horrible guilt of her feelings for 4 months, wasting away to a scarecrow, until she saw Dennis kiss a worm in biology - then she knew there were others.

And Jasper's mood darkened further as he heard the vet say, "yes'm, its ringworm sure - can't let that pug out for a spell," and he knew his plans to doggy-lope with Penelope were shattered.

Bobby's note to Katie:

You have wormed your way into my heart and gave me the cooties real bad.

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That was the night they both tried to eat the same bit of dirt and, mouths touching, they both turned as bright as glowworms.

"I do wuv my sweetie-weetie puppy-wuppykins so, yes I do, oh, yes I do, and that's why, cutie-wootie, I'm taking you to the vetsie-wetsie."

"The worms are making dirt out of the Scruffmeister now," my mother whispered so no one else would be offended that we were burying a dog in the same ground as people, "and cause we love him, one day we'll be dirt with him too.

Meanwhile, Francine the worm wriggled around in the mud some more, until she came into view of her other beautiful end, sighed giddily, and asexually divided again.

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