Story Go Round 09/21/2001, round 1, #1


Grabbing wildly at thin air, Tom toppled. The herbivore lumbered after him, jostling aside the Subaru, and crushing Tommy's toy army men. They stuck between the monster's toes as it left his bedroom door in tatters. He struck the ground squishily, but quickly picked himself up and made for the basement. Nothing could get him there. Well, so he thought... the nightmare was only just beginning - his cell phone rang. As soon as Tom said hello he knew who it was, his mom.

"Tommy, are you doing your chores? And is your room clean?" the shrill voice echoed out the receiver. "You've fed the cat right?" Tom looked at the flattened feline. "Yeah, she's taking a nap, ma" he said, and sleepily rubbed his eyes. He peeled her off the floor and looked desperately around for somewhere to hide it - the laundry hamper - no, it was still full of flounder. The roar of the monster banging at the door made him jump. He slid the cat pancake under the door gingerly, and waited breathlessly. The roaring and banging stopped, and he heard contented crunching sounds slowly recede down the hallway. Well, it had worked before...

Amber is purple; John is pink; Gregory is green; Alan is blue; Terry is orange