Story Go Round 09/21/2001, round 1, #4


Muzzled and dejected, Rover stood outside the door, having given up on howling because clearly no one was home. Bummer. Now who would stop ? Who could provide the juicy nuggets he long craved? Then Rufus got an idea. It was a long shot. He ran to Tom's house next door. Tom had an open garage he could shelter in, and maybe some cat food he could spill out and eat.

Rover spotted the crosswalk cop at the last moment, innocently crossing the driveway, and by then it was too late. His whole doggie life flashed before him in an instant, time slowed - no wait, that was just the faint hungerous condition getting to him. Where was that cat? He could really use some cat right now. Bright lights and a horn. The taste of pavement ironically satisfying.

With a start, he awoke. This is what dogs dream of? Huh. Those dogs are pretty stupid Felix the cat mused. Serves him right for falling asleep to Wagner.

Amber is purple; John is pink; Gregory is green; Alan is blue; Terry is orange