Story Go Round 09/21/2001, round 2, #4


It was like nothing they'd ever seen before - bright, psychedelic, literally from out of this world. But it was actually from next door. They had found it in the trash can after a particularly vibrant party last Friday. Someone obviously knew how to entertain - the flashing lights, the strange silent fireworks, all contributed to the effect. It was mesmerizing; Barbie heads and legs flowing, morphing, but with a feel that some like to call Barbie-vision.

Kat was actually the first one to open it. Quite unintentionally, she wished another could be found more proportionate to her. Vlad, the crazy former professor recluse, would be just the one to do it!

Half a week later, the lifesize psychedelic Barbie was ready to be wheeled out of the garage. This was Cheez Whiz Barbie, a sure Christmas sell-out. Some of her parts had been made in a small factory in Agra, which parts I will not say. I mean, you'd probably get upset if I did, and stop coming over and feeding me. Anyway, the phone rang ominously. I grabbed for the receiver but Barbie, squishing between my fingers, came to my ear. It was too late. The symbiote beat her to the phone again! It flowed mostly around her body to gather its hearing sensors near the receiver. Kat spoke for them though.

"Yes?" The Mattel contract is fine! I think the world will love our new product, symbiote-Barbie!"

Amber is purple; John is pink; Gregory is green; Alan is blue; Terry is orange