Story Go Round 10/19/2001, round 1, #2

The Disturbingly Mild Apparatus

Once upon a time jello roamed the earth in 5 delicious flavors. Cherry, who was the tastied one, flaunted her savory flavor constantly, to the point that Grape, who was tired of all the 'sour' jokes, just couldn't take it any more. He raised a small army of his kin, and near half of the Lime contingency to storm the Cherry stronghold and end its reign.

"Nothing good will come of it" would be muttered among the Grapefruit flavors, (who were wiped out quite unexpectedly by the instant pudding in the time of the Peach Bits. Those were days heard of with hushed attention by jellos still in their mold. None could accept there was a time when jello was sucked through straws, nor that the jiggle was viewed as anything other than a natural and just response to someone of the opposite flavor ) but no one listened to them anyway. "Down with Cherry," rang the thundering chant of the horde as it marched its way to the imposing mesa that constituted their stronghold.

But clouds gathered, too caught up in the march, they didn't even notice the first drops. And by then, it was to be precisely the thing that brought them together. Even as the thunder made them vibrate ferociously at each other like bantams in a cockfight, the first drop hit and it took a few more before some started melting. [PAN BACK EXCRUCIATINGLY SLOWLY]

The scene becomes a jello-salad stocked in a buffet line of a tepid, middle-American restaurant. Little Jessica is leaning in to get a good look at the bowl, additional flow of drool hitting the tasty contents right below her button nose. The Jellaceanous Era was over.

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange