Story Go Round 12/31/2001, round 3, #2


All the Whos down in Whoville turned in for the night; outside was a monster, inside there was fright. The Whos were a respectable family who were in a custody battle for full ownership of the land they had purchased with their neighbors - the Whats.

Whats from Whatville and Who's from Whoville spent each New Years Eve sitting around inculcating their children with hatred for each other.

"All the Whos are lost,

their brains tossed,

and make terrible bost

- on cream pie.

Don't look at a Who,

Nor let any move

Your butt on a bus

Nor jostle your truss.

Who's are happiest

Moving manure, for who

Can move messes, or

Make messes most moving

Than hair-lipped, hard harping Whos"

Then there was the yearly reading from the "Who's Who in Whoville", a time for great booing, hissing, deriding, insulting, slandering - enough to satiate them for the coming year.

Amber is purple; Eric is brown; Alan is blue; Terry is orange