Story Go Round 12/31/2001, round 3, #3


Once upon a time a circle came upon a triangle. At first glance the circle thought, What a primitive ... to only have three corners. At that the triangle quivered with another spontaneous hiccup. Oh my, thought the circle, and its a rude shape as well! Then the triangle spoke the first words in historic inter-shape history... "Globular effervescence!" he announced, and the words echoed through the tasteful, fifties style living room, startling many other shapes in the form of appliances and furniture. They were perfectly preserved from the time when Truman paced among them, breaking pencils in his stress over a speech. The triangle paused a long moment, unsure how to continue. Could such an undifferentiated creature have feelings? How could it reason when the logic could only be circular? With a fitful shrug it spat over its left vertex its most despicable of comments, "Roundy!" Certainly it had lost its point.

Amber is purple; Eric is brown; Alan is blue; Terry is orange