Story Go Round 01/19/2002, round 2, #3


There once was a badger named Roger. Roger Badger played the didjeridoo. His favorite tune was "Hoo-hmm-wa-wa-hmm," but no one else liked it. This made him sad, and he wandered the forest one afternoon hoping to find a new friend amongst the wild guinea pigs of Underdown. It was late autumn and leaves were falling to the forest floor at a fantastic rate. Roger initially, and bravely, resisted the impulse to throw himself a party. (His last didjeridoo bash had only been attended by a goat who played the bagpipes, and a pair of blind mice looking for an entirely different address, QA 122.580) He had no better use for his favorite outfit, the polka dotted pants inherited from his grandpa he swore he'd always wear. Parties had below a grim necessity to excuse their presence. He took out his didjeridoo from the hidey hole he'd left it in, and decided to try to make up a merry tune. Scarcely had he blown three notes before two guinea pigs popped their heads out of piles of leaves and looked his way. One of the over-sized, furry rodents was wearing a pink bow around its neck, the other was adorned in a cowboy hat and cummerbund. Roger sensed an instant kinship with Biggs, but felt a dark pit of despair at the scent emanating from Winny. Just then, from down the path came a beaver with braces, looking distraught. "I'm not understood," he complained to himself. "What must I do?" The hum of the didjeridoo made him jump, and the wink from the pigs increased his nervousness. Then he spied Roger, and his face lit up. "A badger!" he exclaimed. "My father always said 'trust a badger,' and there you are when I need someone to trust." "I'm Roger," said Roger. "I'm Brandy," said the beaver, "what's that wonderful song you're playing?"

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange