Story Go Round 01/19/2002, round 2, #4


Fanny couldn't believe what she had just overheard at her cousin's table. In between his plays he was regaling that half of the room with the story of his favorite professor at Cambridge. As was his wont, he gestured with broader and broader motions until he stood to mimic Mr. Liedler lecturing. As Fanny passed to the sideboard, she distinctly heard mention of his pants from one girl bent to pick up a poker chip. Titters rippled around. Distinct mention of hose was made, and she noticed his ankles covered in the sheer fabric. Astounding! He'd found his own solution for the shortage of actresses, but what would people think? Had he no concern for the social implications for his family, were he to proceed with his plan? She turned away to give herself time to regain her composure, but was caught by her aunt entering the room from the hall. "Shame, Fanny," scolded the elder female with a serious face but a laugh in her voice, "are you amusing yourself adequately with the time you have left? This summer you've stayed with us is nigh gone and I don't know what I shall do without you dear! You should see the Fairbanks, oh and there is a party tomorrow night, you must not flag!" The aunt caught Fanny up in her full-busted momentum, compelling her out of the room to leave her cousin at the mercy of gossipy females. Colonel Brandt was descending the stairs at that very moment, much to her delight. "Back from hunting so soon?" she called gaily to him, "You had me thinking I'd leave and not have the pleasure of hearing the latest news from town." He returned a bemused look before striding to the sitting-room door, making as if to throw it open and enter dramatically, but at the last moment turning gallantly towards her and executing a deep, graceful bow before continuing his progress into the room with a merry, artful laugh.

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange