Story Go Round 01/25/2002

In this version of Story Go Round, each successive person called out after a minute whatever word they were writing, and the others had to work it in; those words are underlined.


"Bzang!" the general announced, and the spittle caromed off his lip, passed through the midst of the delighted, gabbing wives and hit Private Mewley in a private place, causing him to remark privately on his need to do laundry tomorrow. The general cleared his throat, reasserted his dignity, and resumed his lecture. The snoring began immediately from the last 6 rows of the classroom, and as the room only held 7 rows of seats, his self-respect spluttered (like a jeep running out of gas) to a new low.

"Mr. Pearson, if you must sleep kindly do it in your bedroom - not my classroom" the General said while sweat dangled from his forehead. Kyle Pearson stood up sharply, and with a sleepily crisp salute which knocked his hat off, strode out of the room. Lecture continued for a few minutes until K. Pearson's bare head crowned in the doorway, again. Back and forth, back and forth along the back of the room he strode, like a duck in a shooting gallery, repeating moronically "Stronger, must get stronger!"

"Bzang! Bzow! Bzoom!" The General went on, new spittle pellets hitting their mark, turning Kyle around, bringing the troops to their feet in a roar of acclaim.

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange; Kelly is green