Story Go Round 01/25/2002

This story was supposed to contain the words "glede", "ecru", and "drums".


Henri watched the birds soaring above the forest and thought of what his father had said - "Watch out for those gledes, son, and never turn your back on one unless you're packin'" Nonsensical words from a confused man, but Henri never forgot them. Henri's father was a wise man, who often said wise things.

"Eat all your vegetables but don't talk with your mmhpph full." He never quite heard that last part. Wisely, Henri obeyed most of his father's wise advice. But the gledes, the gledes, what would they do next? Would they descend as one and fall fiercely upon some hapless rabbit family? Would they disperse to the four winds? Or would they just land in the trees and squawk like they always did? He yawned and went back to sleep, lulled into slumber by the rhythmic thrumming of the natives.

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange; Kelly is green