Story Go Round 01/25/2002

This story was supposed to contain the words "deform", "puce", and "drums".


The unfortunate deformed bunny got caught in the snare. Furiously he chewed at his leg to escape. Spitting out the hair from his mouth only to go at the now exposed bone. With a last nip at the hanging skin, the leg came free, but not the bunny.

"Damn!", he thought, "wrong leg!" His fifth leg, now severed lay uselessly on the ground. (Though it was useless even before this development). "Jackie", he called out, "would you hand me the saw?" After a moment he heard a faint "just a moment" from behind the tamarack cluster. The huffing and puffing grew quieter for a moment and then frenzied for 3 seconds before Jackie tossed the bulky sabertooth saw in his general direction. The bunny then fainted from loss of blood. He lay there with a little puce bow around his neck and his eyes rolled back.

The hunter who set the trap then shot the bunny to bits, then took aim at Jackie.

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange; Kelly is green