Story Go Round 01/25/2002

In this version of Story Go Round, each successive person called out after a minute whatever word they were writing, and the others had to work it in; those words are underlined.


She was restless again. The soft rise and fall of the ship delighted her but it didn't let her sleep. She wondered at this voyage. Ever since the tiki doll had begun to talk, Roger had been obsessed with its message and even made a place for it at the table in a high chair. Roger knew only its general remarks, not the hissed critical comments made at her when he was gone. She, in turn, didn't want to alarm him, so she kept them to herself. Ever since they had departed Bombay, his spluttering had gotten worse, and she felt he just didn't need any more aggravation. This suited the tiki doll just fine. It preferred Lulu. Lulu was closer to the edge. She lived life, if not to its fullest, then at least close to the 2 cup marker, and left as many threads in her life as she could dangling in the wind. She made pies. She fought wars, tamed wild animals and gave birth to triplets. They were the tiki triplets - famous around the world. She - of pies and wars - knew that the triplets were her crowning achievement.

This trip with Roger was a mistake. She hated leaving, and even worse she hated leaving the triplets. Growing up without a mother would make them stronger though; like her. She lowered the wisp of a rowboat into the warm Indian sea. She would navigate by the stars, she decided immediately, and she had never seen Hong Kong.

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange; Kelly is green