Story Go Round 01/25/2002

In this version of Story Go Round, each successive person called out after a minute whatever word they were writing, and the others had to work it in; those words are underlined.


John extended his thing out to its fullest and then moved to the mirror for a spate of admiration and delight. Terry put both his feet up on it and they were well supported, the softness caressed the ankles and tickled the toes. Many a time Terry had wanted to use John's extended thing, but generally he was too shy to ask. Feeling ripe with encouragement Terry decided now was the time. He asked. John, taken aback, and not wanting to commit, spluttered something about 'perhaps next Tuesday', or 'when I get around to it'. But alas, the thing became a bone of contention between them for months. Every encounter was the brittle smile, the muffled cough, the dangling participle. Sometimes, John couldn't even finish his sentences. Then one day a package arrived ...

"Nice package", said John tersely.

"Whatever," muttered Terry, and went to his room to be alone with his package. The crowning moment of tension arrived later that evening, when Terry finally emerged from his room.

He wandered out nonchalantly, both hands held behind his back until John was done watching that infomercial "10 days to firmer things". Then he brought out the Extender(TM). He had got it in John's favorite color and lined with soft, kitten hair cloth. Without a word exchanged between them, it began.

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange; Kelly is green