Story Go Round 01/25/2002

In this version of Story Go Round, each successive person called out after a minute whatever word they were writing, and the others had to work it in; those words are underlined.


Raven had the body that could stop traffic on the freeway. Men wanted her, and women hated her. Her walk was the delight of any who saw it. Her waist, hip and bosom could have, any one, opened the doors of the modeling industry. Yep. She was a package all right. That is why so many wondered at her career path. It was like she was born into the army.

General Raven surveyed her troops line up sweating in the Congo's tropical heat. "More purple!" she roared. Her assistant spluttered "but we're already on thin ice having everyone wear cravats!" Her face made its own contribution to the purple cause. "Don't you 'but' me, you steaming nit!" Dangling from the ceiling, and unnoticed by all, was a black widow spider in her prime. Gorged on her mate's body, she hung there lazily in mid-air and contemplated who to descend upon next.

Espidera was of course an agent for the Fashion Industry. Her job was to lure Raven back, at any cost. Her bosses dream scene was to be there in latex long johns when Raven was being crowned Miss America.

She stood on the stage clutching her roses and marched down the run way wielding her sash stronger than any other Miss America. Kicking off a high heel it flung through the hair biffing Espidera in the forehead.

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange; Kelly is green