Story Go Round 02/1/2002, round 2, #2

Brought to you by the word 'wump'


"Things that go Wump in the Knight"

"Where the Wild Things Wump"

"Wump and Wumpidice"

"Forrest Wump"

"Rosenwump and Wumpenstern"

"Which one do you want to see?" The bespectacled track star Greg said to Kevin as they sat in his T-Bird, still in their sweats. Kevin merely shrugged his broad shoulders and stared out the window grimly. "Don't matter much to me. What's that last one about? My sister said she liked it."

"Nah, it's some play, my parents wanted to see it." Greg repositioned the cigs rolled up in his shirt sleeve - just over the bicep for maximum effect.

'Wump!' suddenly came from behind them,

"Everything I needed to wump I wumped in Kindergarten"

"Wump for Dummies"

"The Fellowship of the Wump"


"Buffy - the Wumppire Slayer, or The Vampire Wumper"

Bo surged against the straps in the rear seat, continuing to string his messianic visions in a cascade of weird pronouncements, and Greg absently slipped the roll of quarters back into his mouth to stem the tide of malice. Kevin put the seat back down and stretched out beside his beset brother. Sympathy and suspicion vied for the front seat. Bo had taken a shine to that word lately, but was he trying to ruin Kevins fun?

"The Jabberwump"

"Alice in Wumperland"

"Alice Cooper in Wumperland"

"To Say Nothing of the Pafit, or how we found the Bishop's Wump at last"

"Wumper Woman"

The roll of quarters ejected with the last word and cracked the windshield. His voice rose and suddenly a purple-haired teen shot to the car with his tongue hanging out, nodding agreement. "Oh yeah, man" said a nasally girl with arms crossed & posture problems." We heard about you on the radio," the purple haired one slurred, and kicked a tire for emphasis. The car alarm went off, much to Greg's puzzlement, and he slapped the Kill switch. He eyed the girl, damn! it was to hard to meet them with his brother always tagging along. And here was the perfect chance. She was pretty enough, and was showing a favorable interest. He was ready to ask her out. That's When he noticed her deep in conversation with Kevin already:

he- "Who put the Wump in the Wamma-lamma-ding-dong?"

she- "For Whom the Bell Wumps"

he- "Bridget Jones's Wumpery"

she- "Wumplander"

Gosh darnit, drat a rat on a popsicle stick" Greg knew she was off the market. Maybe it would be different now. Maybe he could leave the house sans-frére. Maybe he could rent a movie without 'wump' in the title. Maybe his brother would finally kick his Ultrum habit and regain full motor-skills. Maybe they would live wumpily ever after, or at least, for the next few wumpin' minutes.

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange