Story Go Round 02/08/2002, round 1, #3


Congratulations on the new purchase of your F-16 Tomahawk missile. We don't particularly care how you use it - we have your cash - but our corporate policy requires that we acknowledge you as a potential repeat customer. Please treat it with care, and place it in an inconspicuous location. We've prepared a form in triplicate for you to sign and date, after which there will be a party for single missile-lovers that we hope you will attend.
A few points on usage:

1) 'Point at yourself', while perhaps a favorite instruction of peaceniks and flower types, is in violation of our policy. You are required by law to point at the enemy.

2) Never press the red and blue buttons simultaneously, as this will violate the warranty.

3) Give it a name, preferably not "Tom" or "Tommy", but one that will do us proud.

4) Enjoy!

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange; Habeeb is green