Story Go Round 02/08/2002, round 2, #2

Brought to you by the word 'eclipse'

Fortune Cookies

"Your happiness will be eclipsed by an impending sense of doom."

"Great wealth will be yours at the next lunar eclipse."

"Buying an Eclipse can bring only ruin and despair."

"A total eclipse of the heart is avoidable through self-control."

"Police people find you funny. Use your gift."

"You will find relationships easier outside your blood type."

"Staring at the eclipse will make you blind. Be sure to look at truth aslant."

"Even the sun gives way to the lesser ones. One shines brighter for occasional darkness."

"At night a candle is brighter than the sun. Got a match?"

"First son born after the harvest will cause great joy."

"You are completely bonkers. Seek help (in bed)."

"You will have a good night's sleep (in bed)."

"May nothing ever come between you and the light of your life."

"Better a pain in the ass than an ass in the paint."

"Smile. I'm at the third table on the right and I'm armed."

"Be still and let the seed grow, or the plant may surprise you."

"Do you really read these every time?"

"Those who stay with you when you toss your cookies are the best fortune of all."

"Something good or bad may or may not happen to you in the near or distant future."

"If you feel nauseous, toss me."

"For the hippest movie reviews in town, go to"

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange; Habeeb is green