Story Go Round 02/12/2002, round 2, #1


Minnie D's platinum self-titled album, "Self-titled Album," was very shiny. The title track seared the charts. The kids listened with cultish awe . Six babies born were named "Self-titled." And she was the most down-loaded, according to the industry low down. Lower down, the dance re-mix also started a dance craze and all Minnie D's dreams of owning sixty-three boy-bands across the globe seemed at last about to come true. A pavilion of semi-mellifluous semi-sappy slaves. A cavalcade of hopping mad health gurus. Heffalumps of high-falutin' hegemony - song lyrics! (for her next album). What? You didn't think she wrote her own songs, did you!

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange; Eileen is green