Story Go Round 02/23/2002, round 1, #3


Kangaroo poo fell out of the overhead bin. Sam sniffed it with gusto. "Like Mama used to say, contents may vary, so read the label." Sam sniffed again, pleasure oozing out of the wrong place again. "Liz, pass me the wipes? The stewardess for Outback Airlines is on break." Liz reached into the closest bag and reached over their three kids, who, tied and gaggled struggled ungainly, face planting in poo. At this point, the kangaroo felt incredibly and unbearably embarrassed. He alone had not consented to this uprising - not here, not now, not that he had finally recovered from constipation. and dehydration, having worked his innards to eject the coveted diamond drapes from the windows of the suddenly opened wormhole. Poo h, he thought petulantly, I preferred to think of that cuddly wormhole wormhole wormhole wormhole wormhole... Liz found him underneath the pilots chair when things quieted enough that Sam's barking could distribute the heaviness in the air.

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange; Kim is green