Story Go Round 02/23/2002, round 1, #4


His breath rattled, he felt the penny stick in his loafer. Somewhere a dog barked. What to do, he wondered as he stepped over the juicy elongated strands of human chewing gum called 'CHEW THIS!' The crowded streets, uncaring, unnoticing, unnamed, unnerving, untimely, and unkempt quickly became unwavering empty with stony faced business types escaping from their jobs at the relentless repressed white collar electron pushing factories. Meanwhile, across the crowded city "Chew This" ads sprang up, and weasly Dirk believed everything thing they claimed even when "Don't believe this" was tattooed on their foreheads, forearms, backs, shoulders and thighs.

Dirk hoisted his painter pants up high, as was chic in the ads. No-one could> beat him for chic - he was the king of chic. Chomping his human gum, he looked for that annoying dog, that annoying dog, unchic as an annoying dog, annoying because he too was wearing painter pants. Together they turned toward the bright light at the end of the tunnel, hand in paw.

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange; Kim is green