Frankenstory 04/13/2002, round 1, #4

European History 315 - Spring Mid Term

Please take your time with this test. I believe in each

and every one of you. Even you, the MTV generation, are people, too.

Q. Which one of these countries are NOT part of Europe?

a) all of the above

b) my bedroom

c) country western

d) Hawaii

Q. Name three causes leading to the first world war.

a) France's body odor

b) misunderstanding, aggression, and greed

c) England's body odor

d) Breeches

Q. What did Martin Luther nail on the door of a church?

a) the first toilet paper

b) the first toilet lid

c) the Pope's shower sponge

d) His breeches

e) Mary Magdalen

Q. What is widely believed to explain the colonization of Iceland by Vikings?

a) Loki's love of a good snow cone

b) the glacial flat-tire theory

c) The treaty of Versailles

d) Jar of almonds

Q. Given your answer to the above, provide a short explanation

for the rash in my armpit.

Well, first there was this guy, um, no, this dude, and

he wore your shirt for B-ball in P.E. You left it out, man!

Q. What grade would you like to get on this test?


Please write your name below:

a) your name below

b) Archduke Franz Ferdinand

c) b

d) Breeches

e) look, breeches is the answer already!

d) all of the above

f) Nun of The Above

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange