Story Go Round 06/29/2002, round 1, #1

Untitled was the rallying website for the South Metro Neo-Nazis 12-Step Camp. The initial response for the first week was quite good. Too good in fact. Under heavy strain one of the servers nearly couldn't handle the load of surfers. The Metro Neo-Nazis were picking up recruits at hundreds a minute. These were black days for Silicon Valley , but bright days for the 12-Step Camp. For every hundred recruits, the Camp picked up five or six new members. Of those half dozen losers, usually 1 or 2 were brain-fried enough to qualify for membership and all its benefits. New Neo-Nazi uniform = $59.99. New Neo-Nazi hat: $18.00, Being a freak of nature - Priceless.

It was a brainstorm and John had to chuckle about how he thought of it. To get these guilt-ridden thugs to formally acribe to Neo-Nazism so that they could go through the process of renouncing it. It had taken two cans of Chef Boyardee at one sitting to make that idea surface on his mind. Now he was making a killing. Greed pushed him on. He was scheming still further to come up with a way to remove even the MNN requisit to attend camp. So, giving in to the inevitable, he fired up the stove and started two more cans of the Chef going. It had always been the Chef and him making it happen. His friends came and went, but the Chef was always there for him. A knock on the door sent him face down on the floor and scrabbling under the table on all fours. It was either his neighbor, the Samoan, or that man who followed him for hours on the subway. Desperately, he gobbled the Chef Boyardee as the knocking grew louder, louder, louder! He got through half a can, then 3 quarters. Suddenly, he knew what to do.

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange