Story Go Round 06/29/2002, round 2, #1


And he lived happily till the end of his days. Ever after. The END. Whew, he thought, I'm glad that's over. Now that The End has passed, and no one's watching, I can really relax. He kicked off his sandals and slipped into the silk boxers that had been laid out on the bed prior to his arrival. This time they were blue, no purple, no blue, well, whatever, they were dark blue-ish and a little tight. In fact - he couldn't seem to get them off again! Oh no - these were his evil roommates boxers - or his roommates evil boxers. Yeah, thats it. Incensed, he stormed over to Fluffy's door and pounded on it. No response - he was probably out still on that long remake of Grimms Fairytales, leaving him with bewitched boxers.

He called the only person he could think of: Ralph. No, Leon. No, Ralph. The phone rang, and Ralph picked it up, sounding groggy.

Ralph's faerie-tale life has ended badly, but it had been over for at least a week, so he would know what to do.

"Ralph, dude, what's the do with the drawers?"


"The mad boxers"


"Never mind"


Ralph was stuck in his chartreuse boxers and was fully under their spell.

To find out if our has-been hero can escape the same fate, tune in next week.

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange; Paula is green; Eric is brown