Story Go Round 06/29/2002, round 2, #3


Sliding down the hill on her backside, Sybil noted many plants that she had never realized were so scratchy and painful and bumpy but this was better than spending one more minute on that awful merry-go-round. Jumping off was always the best part anyway - even if it did scare her parents.

She started back up to the top when she saw Marie coming. Marie said something about Sno-cones. That was all she needed to say. Sybil didn't need her arm twisted. She loved sno-cones more than sno-cones loved cold, and having gone without for several hours, she had gotten rather slushy inside. So, ignoring her torn clothing and scratched skin, Sybil went off to get sno-cones with Marie - maybe I can drop some ice down Marie's neck this time, she thought. Just then, Sybil went into anaphylactic shock from her allergies to all the plant and died. Marie went and got her sno-cone anyway.

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange; Paula is green; Eric is brown