Story Go Round 06/29/2002, round 2, #7


Captain Underpants flying in the air and looking everywhere for Wedgie Woman. She had been very active lately and nobody's underwear was safe - but they were all stretched out and hanging on clotheslines in the most unlikely of places. the mayors was found on a farm in the suburbs, the principals a cow was inside, and a horse, but this was no time for farm animals - there was underwear on top of the heads. Even on the heads of the big wigs and top dogs. "Underwear for all!" they shouted in the streets, running their boxers up the flag pole and saluting. Captain Underpants didn't like this - he was supposed to be the underwear king, but now everybody was doing it. The Captain needed a plan to get rid of all the underwear but that was the end and the cows were meat the dogs were burned and Captain was depressed.

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange; Paula is green; Linnaeus is brown