Story Go Round 06/29/2002, round 3, #2


"What about second breakfast?"

"I'm not done with the first, yet."

"Hey that is mine, give it!"

"No, I was eating it first."

"I spit in it, so its mine!"

Pat grabbed a fistful of Mandy's hair, "Spelunkos"™ flew acrost kitchen tiles. Blaring nostrils widely, Mandy drooled bravely back in Pat's face, and down his chin. Pat farted circumspectly, and cleared his eyes of milky drool. Breakfast fighting broke out across town, and the lunch-crowd was reduced to an isolated cluster known as the Lunch Bunch. The Lunch Bunch assembled pastily, wanting better seating, and fridays off. Speaking parenthetically amongst themselves about the problem they lost all perspective when they were bumped down into a stinky fungal-filled footnote, which was later found to cure cancer in certain librarians. Even the dinner fighting couldn't distract Pat and Mandy from having a known-down drag-out no punches-pulled duel over the last remaining piece of "Spelunko" lime pie.

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange