Story Go Round 07/05/2002, round 1, #4

"The Return of Cap'n Amber"

The chopper spun in side the food processor quickly sending fear flying across the mess hall. Uniformed pre-adolescents froze, their call phones falling to the sound of a whirring brain, Cap'n Amber's brain. They poked the porridge with their steely knives quickly sending fear flying through the schoolmaster's heart.

"Call Ted," he whispered to the Brain, "Bob." The cadets discovered that porridge tasted horrid, so they stood on table s and danced for tips. Appalled at this display, the schoolmaster stealthily edged towards the waiting sedan. Mr. Headstone was pale, pale as his namesake, with Cap'n Amber's brain in a beautiful vase up his sleeve. The brain controlled his actions through a pair of wires and tiny, walnut-sized reel -em-in pulleys. Cap'n Amber was back! Secrecy drove her to conceal her intentions until she could kill him dead. The cadets were first lured into the stockyard, by the hundreds, they flocked like upright sheep, poison porridge already served and downed. They lurched forward like zombies, their mouths mouthing "CAP'N AMBER" Her army was hers, body and mind, and now the fun could begin.

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange