Story Go Round 07/05/2002, round 1, #1

"Let's fire it up!"

(lyrics by Foul Mouth) (Guitar solo by Dan Fogelbird)

(Hal Labulloo - drums)

We'd like to thank Velveeta and Velvet Underground for not pressing charges, and we charge the press with five counts of Dracula.

Light a match, Charlie, [She casually flicked off the TV, flipped off her husband, pulled up her socks, ]

Light up the world with your glow,

Lighting farts, you know, can cost you dough,

Even when it hurts

Charlie, light mine for me,

Charlie, light mine for both of us,

My Charlie, dear, dear Charlie,

Watch them burn blue,

Reminding me of you

When you had ague

When there are two

I will save mine for you,

(oops, except for that one)

Dearest Charlie on your Harley

Lighting farts far-reaching

To nostrils of Bob Marley

Light a match Charlie.

Fill the air with

Glorious fumes, glorious tunes,

Betwixt your glorious moon

Betwixt yer...

She casually donned her jumper; Don, she blurted out, gimmee a buck for luck, turned off the radio and turned on the Slim O'Cycle. Only that way lay peace and pieces of frustration drifted away. That song sure put new oomph in her Oompa-Loompah (if you loofah it regularly). She closed her eyes and rode to the stars.

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange