Story Go Round 11/30/2002, round 2, #2

"Cabbages and kings"

Hilary ate cabbage with paprika, roasted. She hated it. I loved it. We argued. Then and now. Later we made coleslaw. Bad for digestion, but great fat! 'Kohl' means cabbage in Hungarian. In deed.

Hilary and the Elf danced in her dreams. But not now. Yes, now. Yes, I mean it, pull yourself together! The cabbage revolted all but the strongest stomachs. Cattle ate it greedily. Sheep slurped it.

Fighting my stomach, throttling my esophagus, I swallowed.

Dinner didn't come up. It never did.

Amber-purple; John-pink; Alan-blue; Terry-orange; Habeeb-brown; Alvin-green