Frankenstory 12/14/2002, round 1, #3
     'Silver lining'  

1  I knew there would be a silver lining, though it wasn't apparent yet. The heavy 
10 cream sauce was more than I expected, more than anyone expected. 
15 When they dunked me in the tank, I thought I would suffocate. Eating my way out was 
24 a nightmare I'd had before, and now it was true - and I was getting paid to be on national 
25 TV, and then make it to the Shriner's benefit same night.  What if my brother found out? 
33 Happily, he had to work that night, so he missed that episode.  Just to be sure, 
35 I ordered the fettucini for him and looked for telltale signs at a banquet given for his 
13 birthday coming up next week. 
16 I was watching Miranda and Joe at the next table. Some sort of verbal oneupsmanship game. She snapped something 
4  and milk came spurting out of his nose as he laughed at her pitiful attempt at a pun 
36 Those kinds of failings were the sorts of things 
28 Paul forgave me for; he was a good boyfriend.  Not like Joe was to Miranda.  He 
31 didn't even seem to be listening, much less proud to have her. "You're talking 
8  antidisestablishmentarianistically - ha!" she shouted triumphantly. 
9  'Sorry love,' he said after a moment, 'its still 5 letters short of the record, but 
11 I like you anyway. It doesn't make me think badly of your vocabulary." "How bout a joke?" I offered. 
19 ''Knock, knock' she began but I muffled the rest with a Canadian kiss (yeowza!) and grunted: 
17 - why don't you go see the farmer/fisherman/comedian playing 
3  around the corner," said Prunella, through her mouthful of pasta. 
22 [Then, realizing she had gone from first to third, she beat a hasty 
27 retreat into an editors comment.] 
34 Paul ignored her but not the pasta. Seminola gave him the Tickling Runs, but 
5  This time he would chew more slowly, and hoped for better success. 
26 Food, like thoughts, were better digested slowly. That was a lesson I'd already learned. 
23      It was raining when the big day came. Miranda, Joe, & Prunella were there - and Paul 
30 drove up in the Limo. A Limo! I was so excited, I snagged my dress on the 
32 coat rack, running to meet him.  Later at dinner, I choked - people were sympathetic - 
29 but it was Paul who lunged for me with that special look in his eye, hypnotising me. 
6  The fork and knife clattered to the floor.  The table was flung aside.  He kissed me. 
7  This time, milk came spurting out of my nose, as I was 
12 just in the middle of a cool, refreshing carton of chocolate 
14 milk to wash down the bitter bile of my own failure.  But maybe I had succeeded after 
20 all. I mean, I had him! He showered me with gifts when we got home. I 
18 opened the last present carefully - a new jacket! I was afraid to look inside 
21 but there it was, metallic insulating mesh, better than Gortex - he was grinning crazily - 
2  which was what I had most hoped for, a silver lining! 

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange; Habeeb is green