Frankenstory 12/14/2002, round 1, #2

1       The wrong thing came out of the dust cloud. 
11 It was the first mobile cheerleader pyramid in recorded history. 
13 As for pre-recorded history, that doesn't exist. 
16 It was Mamie's moment of glory. Then she spotted her brother's monster truck roaring 
17 like a sick cow out of the cloud, behind the Dancing Hens.  He couldn't let go of that fixation with their flipping.  
18 Critics initially liked the Dancing Hens, even though crowds were 
6  disgusted. The school principal was there, and he agreed. 
20 Survival took over - she had to be Prom Queen, she lead the pyramid onto the truck bed in one big leap. 
19      Mamie was queen for about a week after that resplendent display.  Everywhere she 
21 preened for her friends, until Grampa stomped on her foot. She limped for a week 
9  or so. Cantankerous old coot he was, but he kept us in line. So Mamie 
22 played up the bad foot; she was a sucker for attention. That's how she explained sitting in the "Hencoop" for days. 
26 Then her brother told about the leg hair, and they impeached her. That was final! 
27 You could say she got her feathers in a huff; Mamie threw a squawking hissy fit in the coop, refusing  
28 her brother, french fries, and everything "non Hen". 
3  The chase was on.  Now that the tables had turned 
10 over and all her fries were on the floor, she had nothing to stay for.  They could shove 
4  it. Or not. Mamie didn't care either way.  Pushing her way through the nightclub 
7  she bawled "Cops! Cops!" like a mad old granny with her purse pinched.   There might be a chance, 
5  if she had only been able to get the license plate of their white Pinto with the racing 
31 woodpecker on the side ... at the door stood Grampa, arms akimbo, implacable.  She could tell 
24 Grampa she's been dancing, but not how it ended, or about Herman.  She'd rather 
32 let him stomp her other foot first.  And Herman was history anyway.  Though he'd been interesting  
33 the chase was over.  Her mind roved for a new target under Grampa's unhappy eye. 
29      One day after school, just to spite him, she ambushed her brother outside the 
35 7-11, meeting his pimp for a corn dog & slushee.  She moved to the dumpster, 
8  crouched and briefly squeezed off a few shots with 
12 the super soaker magna pistol loaded with cheap cologne. They'd be wet, and they'd smell like velvet Elvis. 
15 Momma would be proud of her little girl now! She had her eyes squeezed close when her 
14 principal rounded the corner too quickly and knocked them both into the 
23 freshman's lockers. There was silence. A pom-pom 'shoofed' onto the floor. 
30 He was garbed in Mamie's cheerleading outfit, stretching the shoulders to the ripping. 
36 The principal smiled and said "The humiliation disciplines me." "Gross!" she spat back. 
25 "You don't really mean that, do you dove?" He blanched and threw himself at her toes 
38 - several times, in fact. He was really rather clumsy, but he finally got hold of 
34 them. But just barely. Much more exciting than Herman's approach had been. 
37 She took a job at the seven eleven to commemorate the experience, and it was with pride every day  
2  Mamie grabbed the broom and went to sweep the steps.  

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange; Habeeb is green