Story Go Round 1/31/2003, round 1, #6

Future Gourmet

Well, the first few weeks were pretty depressing, and we won't talk about them. The algae was slow taking off. It takes the proper balance of heat and sludge to get things started. (And I add a little salt.) Customers were banging on the door.

"Miss Igor, please deal with them" I muttered thru the protective face mask. And then the pot boiled over. Which was when I realized - HEAT! The bubbling liquid was completely ruined.

Miss Igor shouted at the crowd. "Give us a few minutes, please!" In response, they redoubled their efforts. The barricade started rocking, back, forth. Naturally, they were hungry and angry. Pedro had slipped in the back room. Miss Igor pulled out an Uzi. Pedro slumped under bursts of gunfire. Dr. Hankenstone bellowed like a bull. The rest of the staff panicked.

The algae thrived on environmental stress. We greatly enjoyed providing it. Did violent videogames really contribute? The algae fed on Pedros blood. Enough grew to open the store! But no Pedro meant no verve. And no verve meant, well, like I said, we won't talk about it.

It's tastier to eat that way.