Story Go Round 02/15/2003, round 1, #4

One side of a telephone conversation

"Hello? On hello! Sorry, I couldn't get to the phone so quickly because my washing machine is stuck. The suds is totally ..."
"No, honey, its stuck on the wash cycle ... Yes, I was doing a load of whites, a hot load, with bleach."
"I suppose so, if you think it would work..."
"...Yes, I have a wrench, but I don't have a wad of gum. No, you know I don't own one of those ..."
"Well, then, you come over and bring yours, what do you mean you can't?"
"Gary? How did he ... what? ... You mean ... she ... but that's not what you said! The crippled monkey was supposed to leave town after they found him out."
"You bet I did. I told him straight up and told him to get the *!@; out of my Dodge. I-"
"No, I don't mind about the jello stains. It will come out with the blood on the sequin skirt, No, not the pink, the hot pink one with the strappy things that you like so much and those little tassles on the front, yeah, I love that one too-"
"Sorry, didn't catch that, too much static; are you going into a tunnel? Phone me back if you lose me. Honey, I was hoping that you would stop off at the 7-11 and get some ... yeah, sure, and get the lubricated ones this time ... no, 12 should be enough for now."
"You're naughty, and I'm nice, and I think that's a yummy combo. Do you want, sure , sure, I have them. ... What am I doing while I'm talking to you? Oh, nothing, just .. no really, I am doing the laundry - oh honey, I would never ... no don't say that ... Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!"

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange