Story Go Round 05/17/2003, round 1, #1

Frank's Masterpiece

They gathered at the cliffs to watch. The sea rushed onto the rocks below, and the lazer-guided Mizzlesnift carefully combed the reef, humming smoothly. It was candy apple green and looked lovely among the seaweed and shells. Poking among the rocks it forked up a squirt of sea anemone, 3 starfish, and a rather unpleasant looking toad. The Mizzlesniff was on target to accomplish its mission admirably. The crowd cheered; they ignored the unpleasant damp until a light rain caused them to raise a few umbrellas.

Below, the Mizzlesnift had already begun phase two, rising steadily towards them with the specimens and placing them carefully inside the device. A noise, like a dishwasher set on "commercial clean" emanated from the device. Rattle, rattle, thump, thump, squirt, squirt, pop, and there before one and all lay the calcium carbonate likeness of James K. Polk. Not the President. His almost dead almost namesake. Portraiture was the craze of this century.

The mizzlesnift was nudged back towards the water by 15 men with cattle prods who were frankly a little suspicious of an automatic, motorized, propeller-driven buzzer thing. Frank just used the lazer LZF2200 hand unit to guide it gently back. Women fainted on the shore; James Polk darted from one to another surreptitiously. Another anemone and a couple of crabs went into its impassive hopper, the ingredients of another graven image; this one would get the attention of the world, if only.. if only... the crowd held its breath as the mizzlesnift found the scent. Homing in on the coral it began to devour nutritious chunks rapidly. "That's it" Frank urged silently, "thats ... it!" The mizzlesnift stopped, rumbled, chortled and keened. And out vomited Franks masterpiece - the crowd cheered!

Amber=purple|Alan=blue|Terry=orange|Habeeb=grey|Kevin=green|Alan's Mom=brown