Story Go Round 05/17/2003, round 1, #3

Things the Faeries Leave Behind

Faeries had gotten into the garbage again, and oh boy what a mess.

Dust scattered everywhere. Benji cocked his head & considered the alternatives as he sneezed. Roll in it, or scatter it? The dust was from their wings, of course. It sparkled. He could sell it if he gathered it up now, and bottled it under moonlight.

But the real money was in faerie sweat. Oh boy, that retailed at a good ten dollars an ounce. Ten ounces got him into summer camp. But the faeries always demanded a price for their body fluids and he couldn't afford to give up any of his body parts if he was going to obtain some. Dragon's spoor was easier to get. Teeth from a werewolf were easier to get.

One might ask how he learned to see the faeries in the first place, or why they and other supernatural things liked this house - the house, or was it him? One might ask, but one won't. Mama always said a question is for dem what wanna lose dem some teef! Don't tell me, I'll tell you! But he knew a good dentist & had insurance, he was willing to risk it this time. If all else failed he could always swipe the teeth of young Elspeth down the block who kept hers in her garden shed. She wouldn't even know they were gone until she looked next Monday.

She only ate solid food on Mon, Wed, Fridays. The rest of the time she fasted - trying to see visions. She didn't; while he did. Meanwhile, she kep' 'em in the shed with the hedge trimmers. It's details like that made him a master fairy sleuth. He always dusted for footprints, and had a file on every faerie bit or piece he'd ever found around the house. Tonight he would wait by the garbage and ask them why. Why him. And then thank them. And see if he could get some blood samples or toenail clippings.

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