Story Go Round 05/17/2003, round 2, #1

The Wheat Connection

It began in a grain elevator. The spy was discovered there; he'd been working as a shoveler for three years now, deep in the fabric of the grain community. His work had undone years of effort on our part, before we silenced him, but that was just the start ...

Nothing had upset the Amish community quite like the introduction of George Lessan. He was a modern man, and a world apart. Our world would never be quite the same.

George came to us on August 12th. He said he needed the work. He had good references and easy manners. He had a way with animals, they seemed to trust him. Mothers, too. They began introducing him to their daughters by sending them on errands past the farm house that put him up. He was good with daughters, too. He began teaching piano. Before long, he held a recital.

It was positively cunning. To invest in the girls a sense of individual pride and goading them on to seek out attention for something as frivolous as piano playing. Some people said he was an outcast from the Pennsylvania Dutch, but I knew better. He was a Shaker for sure, and an infiltrator.

Nobody suspected what he was really up to. George - assuming that was his real name - was more devious than all of that. That grain elevator was central to his plans, and the undoing of most of our young girls.

Amber is purple/John is pink/Alan is blue/Terry is orange/Habeeb is grey/Kevin is green