Story Go Round 10/25/2003, round 1, #1

Attack of the 50' Krispy Kreme

"[scream]!" screamed Donna at the top of the Ferris Wheel. She was the first to see, and understand that radiation is not always man's friend. She was also the first to melt.

Dirk Strongwood and his high-school football team made a myriad of puddles in the course of practicing their spitting behind the gym.

"Aim higher!"

Dirk did, hitting the hulking Dough Glob as it oozed through the chain-link fence. It was all Shiny and dripping fresh glaze on the asphalt. At first they laughed, then they cried ... then they melted.

Back at the lab Heidi rechecked her findings. It couldn't be true! She paled at the implications, mind reeling. She began frantically searching for a pen. Stale donuts in her stomach, she suddenly felt the rebellion in side her, and began frantically searching for her cellular phone - contents of purse mixing with stomach contents.

Tabitha bit it last. Roger laughed uproariously, and two frat-brothers spewed Coors Lite all over the couch probably ruining it permanently. Yup. Unwittingly, heedless, the Monster advanced on them, rolling down the center aisle to the middle pew. The minister bolted. The choir ruptured - trampling over each other and scattering donut holes willy nilly about. The two frat brothers made armpit farts! And then they melted. They all melted. Donna. Dirk. Heidi. And an hour later, the MegaGlazed Beast.

Radiation is not man's friend, its the stuff of nightmare. So remember kids, don't over microwave your Krispy Kremes - unless its Halloween!

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange