Story Go Round 10/25/2003, round 1, #4

That Big Monster, The One With

"'Member it well," Yoshashanna said, scratching her scraggly wig as she sat on the inbound subway. "I wanted to go as Gimli, but I'm too slender and fine. All them dwarves is fat and homely, like little Buddhas!" She cackled and spat phlegm on people's shoes thru the mask Couples moved to other seats. Yoshashanna 's momma, sitting across from her, reached down to the subway's sticky, dirty floor and retrieved her fallen broomstick.

"He came over to me, eyes lidless, ears lobeless, mouth lipless brain caseless, hands fingerless, adverbs verbless," she gestured wildly, taking out eyes in pantomime, "thoughts liveless, manners tactless " -

"Next stop, Harvard Square, connections to

"Aaaaiiiieeeeee!!!!" came the scream from the incoming passengers, spying her hideous deformed gelatinous sponge, which she always kept in a jar in her pocket.

She said confidently to her friend, "They think they're looking at that big monster, the one with-"

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange