Story Go Round 02/27/2004


Never did like that word. Not that it matters to the likes of you, with your citified ways. If you say it backwards you get dab. Is that bad? I was never much one for philosophy, but I do like a good wordplay now and again. Keeps me warm on a cold night. But what I really don't like is them backwards-is-forwards thing-a-mees, those Paladins. Now those are bad. No, wait, I think Paladin was some guy in the Crusades - what am I thinking of? Paladindrones? What does that have to do with being the same in reverse? That's what my dear old wife used to ask me, back before the grippe got her. I loved her powerful fierce. She kind of liked the word 'bad', said it was short but not sweet, so I use it every day in her honor. But you probably think me hick for it. You with your shoes and your shirt and your "sell-phone". Is that bad? You wouldn't be so fond of you either, if you was me and you had as little as me. See, things was never easy. Time was, I lived out of the back of a Ford pickup and caught my food out of holes on the lonesome prairie. No, they weren't the Good Ole Days, mister, shame on you for romanticizing my poverty, they was the Bad Years, the Bad, Baaad Years. You try bathing in the animal trough and then going on job interviews. You wouldn't smell so pretty then. And dang, but you do smell pretty. You look stinky, but you smell pretty. Not a bad thing, as they say. I wish I could bottle yooo! I'd make a pretty penny, then. Yer my ace in the hole, is what you are. Lemme getta handful of yooo! Hey! Where you going?

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange