Story Go Round 06/26/2004

Love Handles

All I heard was a thump. It was soft and squishy like my love handles after a good massage. But lets not go there now. Please, I mean it - anywhere but that sound. That disturbingly sensual noise that sends shivers down my neighbor's poodle.

I put on a washcloth and knee brace. It felt good. To take the needles out, I mean. It was time to get going.

My job as a stuntman was soft and squishy like my neighbor's spine, and that -- no, not the hot poker! Anything but the

Mary looked up from her typewriter, blinking opaquely in the dim light her face soft and squishy like a squid in a blender. or a month-old pumpkin, or a willingly prone referee.

Amber is purple; John is pink; Alan is blue; Terry is orange