Story Go Round 09/25/2005, John's Birthday


In this world, 'cushy' was a virtue. It had none of the connotations of 'rich' or 'wimpy', or 'undeserved ease' that characterized it in that other realm beyond the cracks. Past the ever compressing and expanding boundary, they could only contemplate what hard and unforgiving surfaces might loom. Here, things were, well, soft and forgiving. Safe.

Ferdinand and his friends liked to lay around and speculate. A recurring topic of rumination was whether Isabella, generally conceded to be a babe, would embrace Couchworld or not. Was she possibly a square-edger, willing only to promote finite boundaries as a matter of state policy? Ferdinand would sooner confront his friends on their taste in plaid couch coverings than sit in a state-built chair. He hoped Isabella could one day sit next to him (as did many) in a communally delightful setting - perhaps legs innocuously (but sinfully) touching. That wasn't asking too much, was it? Or was I merely a hopeless lay-about, a hopeful dreamer, living on Fritos and hope?

It is loose change and lost Legos; Lint and stale cheese. The hidden treasures of the world at large are found here. And if Isabella and Ferdinand decided it, then it must be so.

I wanted them to be together, I was working on it. I had even commissioned a special loveseat for their eventually paired butts to share. But they were being dense. Isabella was vacillating, and Ferdy was dense... I had to take more action. This was a soft and lazy world, not made for action, but I had to. I summoned the remote to be sent me. The Remote, I should say. The one I had programmed for displays of power. It floated over on its tray.

I pushed "influence" once, followed by "1" and "3" for the City Council and five worried faces appeared on the screen.

"Leather, two-seater, cup-holders, footrests, mini-fridge, mini-mart, anti-grav, pine-scented." That's all I had to say.

I switched them off with a wink. It should be delivered--



"Ferdy. It's for you!"