Story Go Round 02/18/2006, Amber's birthday


"Hap-pee Birth-day to me,

Hap-pee BIRTH-DAY toooo meeee,

Hap-pee BIRTH-DAY---"

Hip-pee Dip-pee Birthday...

Joy, rapture, and sugary frosting

Be yours in the measures you desire.

For great shall the swelling be

In the heavenly choir

Queen of the world for a day

Dictator of the Universe for a day

Ruler of All - hoorah, hooray!

For a day? Nay - a day

is but too brief, to lay

in the way of time's play

Say, rather, a day

And one half! (Yayyy!)

[Queue angel's entrance, start fog machine]

(Fog machine & stage lights at full)

This - is the an-niv-er-sar-eee

of the Day you were Booooorn!

(jug jigga jug jigga jug jigga JAR JAAR)

This was the day in antiquity

Your mom and dad had waited For!

This was the day

The dragon was slain!

To feed the mighty...

Corporate machine!

"-- to Me-yee,

Happp-pee buth-day to me!!

[big puff of air,

followed by 5 min of coughing]

Celebrating the day of pain and suffering

that resulted in the joy that is you...

Or perhaps it's just about the joy that is you... :-)

(add strings) Love - is that thing making you feel

warm and fuzzy inside...

despite that feeling of dread in the pit

of your stomach... but still

(Add pad synth patch) We loooove you,

We loooove you, Amber

We wish you a golden day

[Curtain closes, a fluttering angel, miscalculating, winds up audience-side, near the light walkway]


It looked around with wide-eyes and threw its hands up in front of its face, flinching and telling the audience in a low voice: "I am not here. You never saw me. I'm merely a floaty in your eye, that you're going to blink away..."

But the reporters covering the event were already taking pictures and calling their editors. It was the greatest performance ever! And that weird angel unfolded shockingly real-looking wings and lifted itself gently into the air above the stunned crowd - higher, higher into the darkness, and out of sight.

Amber=purple John=pink Alan=blue Terry=orange Habeeb=grey Kevin=green Gary=olive Kathie=teal