Story Go Round 01/06/2007, round 1, #4


"Please pass the bowl of petunias, Pansy," Primrose asked primly, fastening some on her hat. Pansy rose and offered the bowl to her sister, who tossed petals like confetti into the mirror-like water in the aster-print bowl. Black-eyed peas cooked in lavender water had been eaten with a side of ham down at the precinct where no-one cared about flowers. Posy, Pansy, and Primrose, crusty Poppy and oily Poinsetta sought their partners in posing, who were out fishing. Crime flourished next door, where Uncle Carbuncle watered it daily with fresh coffee, stressing out the original criminals and raising new breeds of bread pudding, which could lure over his nieces. Poppy , Precious, Pansy, Primrose, and him - what a life they could make ...