Story Go Round 01/06/2007, round 1, #2


Spring Break at Iguana Beach was in full swing, Dan thought secretly as he scratched himself all over with a toothbrush. Girls gawked at his gleaming red bod. A party animal spewed confetti all over his buddies and in their haste dropped their iguana traps , setting about 30 free on the front lawn. Black-eyed peas encrusted with confetti was the costume theme, driving the little lizards towards the crusty delectables. Streakers thundered by, smelling of 30 day old fish and baby oil. Cat calls followed their bouncing buttocks. One iguana turned to another and said something in Iguanese, then leapt into the pool. His fellows caught on quickly. The diving-board quivered, quavered, trembled, and shook to the music, while lizards rained from the sky. Biff Huckstable found it all alarming, so he turned up the music.